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Network.asia helps Individuals and Companies with a unique Solution to create, implement and maintain an effective domain name strategy.

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Network Asia Group know the community of domain buyers and sellers, we can negotiate effectively and anonymously on your behalf.

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Our Premium .Asia Domain Names for Sale!
We can provide you several options to get your Premium .Asia Domain from us.

Why .Asia Domains and Websites:

Who Can Use .ASIA?

  • Asian businesses
  • Businesses selling into Asia
  • Organisations in Asia
  • Private individuals
  • Asian interest groups
  • Company headquarters in Asia


Why .ASIA?

• Expanding your business through local domain extension presence
• Support of your regional offices, products and staff recognition
• Association with the country’s particular language requirements
• Preventing a competitor from owning the domain name that may also apply to their business
• Redirection of web traffic at your choosing
• 474.9% increase in Internet Users in Asia, by only 17% current web penetration.


One of the first iconic registrants to recognize the potential of .asia is martial artist superstar, Donnie Yen. Not only is Donnie using .asia to easily reach fans from all over Asia‘s diverse region; he’s also launched an online charity (co-founded with his wife, Cissy Wang) for volunteering opportunities in Asia. This is one of the many great examples of a domain maximizing their location base, target audience and SEO rankings.



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Biotech.asia Sold on Sedo.com Marketplace for about 10.000€


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