Our Services:


  • Domain Management: helps Individuals and Companies with a unique Solution to create, implement and maintain an effective domain name strategy.

    Domain Management Service include:

    – Strategic review of your domain name portfolio

    – Domain recoveries and acquisitions

    – Management of all your domain registrations and transfers, renewals.

    – Latest industry news relevant to your needs

  • Domain Brokerage:

    Network Asia Group know the community of domain buyers and sellers, we can negotiate effectively and anonymously on your behalf.

    The Domain Brokerage Service include:


    Network Asia Group contact the current Domain Owner to find out if they are willing to sell and to get an Idea of the amount they are looking for.


    If the Domain Owner are willing to sell, you need to inform us about the maximum price you are willing to pay for the Domain. Network Asia Group starts with the negotation at or below your maximum price, which you and Network Asia Group discuss before.

    Domain Contract:

    Network Asia Group provides a formal contract including all details of the Domain Purchase, Domain Transfer, also individual agreements possible.

    Domain Transfer:

    Network Asia Group manage the Domain Transfer to your Registrar.


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